Fab-7 Android Board Games of All Times

Have you ever enjoyed playing board games with your friends? I’m sure you have! This kind of entertainment predetermined the whole history of modern games, which are mostly virtual. Moreover, board games have grown bigger and stronger. Today you can find dozens of virtual reincarnations of most popular old sets and some brand new experiences in the open spaces of Android Play Market. Not to wander the whole evening, read this superb compilation of best 7 board games for your Android device and choose the title you like. Let’s go!

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle 2 poster

This game is first in this top because it’s the most classical and understandable board game of all times. You just have a sheet of paper to draw different ships on it. Instead of ships, you have cells, instead of coordinates, you have letters and numbers. Sea Battle 2 builds the battlefield automatically, and your rival doesn’t have an opportunity to spy or cheat. In this app, you can dive into the atmosphere of good old randomness, but your abilities are much bigger than they were on real paper! Now you can play Sea Battle on your own because the computer is quite a good opponent because it has different levels of difficulty. Want to know whose intuition is better? Choose a pass-and-play mode and simply use your device as a piece of paper. For more convenience tell your friend to install the app on his or her phone and combat via Bluetooth multiplayer mode. Are your friends not around? No problem! Go online and face thousands of players worldwide. Say “no” to boredom!

Mahjong: Beautiful Orient

Mahjong: Beautiful Orient screenshots

One more classical game is here. Most theories argue, that Mahjong was invented about 150 years ago in China. At the beginning of the XX century, it became a sort of national treasure and started spreading worldwide via Chinese communities. Today you can purchase a physical version, but it’s quite massive, so this app is a perfect portable solution. Unfortunately, it has only a solo mode, but it’s extremely immersive. Download Mahjong if you want to test your attentiveness, the speed of reaction and to sharpen your eye. It’s a really good exercise for your mind. These Chinese guys know how to be smart if you know what I mean. Each set has unlimited time and tries, so you can improve your skills to the top. Nice backgrounds and relaxing music come along to provide you with some cozy spare time. Introvert’s must-have, so to say!

Shelter Free

Shelter free screenshots

Attention to all zombie apocalypse fans! This game has no shooting, no running around and looting in real time and 3D, but it’s much better than many video games. A shelter has a brilliantly worked plot and comic graphics. In fact, you are inside of a comic book, which is thrilling and catchy. It makes your imagination burst with zombie slaughter scenes. Talking about the actual gameplay, you have a deck of cards and zombies have their own. You both struggle to kill each other in a classic step by step manner. The good point is that you can’t get relaxed, because these nasty creatures are really strong and inventive. They customize their decks as you do, so you must constantly customize your deck for better combinations to protect your only shelter. It’s a board game with a temper!

Settlers of Catan

Catan screenshots

Not enough classics? Here you are! Catan is a legendary multiplayer board game, which is now available for Android devices. The story goes like this: you are a captain, whose ship crashed on a strange, uncharted island in the middle of nowhere. You have to defend your people and discover resources to survive and prosper. Sounds easy, but there are up to 4 tricky rivals, who will try to break your will one by one. Competitors may be driven by AI or your friends. They can join you in a pass-and-play mode or via an online multiplayer regime. Mine resources, buy new cards and try to surpass each other in a sequence of vital decisions. And don’t forget about luck as it’s a basic component of your campaigns.


Splendor screenshots

This board game is good entertainment for the whole family. You are offered to play for Renaissance merchants to figure out which one of you is the best. Your main goal is to achieve 15 points earlier, than anyone else. It sounds easy and technically it is, but you have to update your cards and frequently come up with new combinations to defeat stronger rivals. Everything depends on your attentiveness and sharp strategical mind. This game provides short sets for 2-4 players in player-AI, pass-and-play and online multiplayer mods. It won’t be a problem to entertain newbies, because rules and techniques are very simple. The only thing that really matters here is your brain.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic screenshots

The vast majority of board games offer you to fight personalized enemies, but not this one. Pandemic is an Android adaptation of the eponymous game, in which you have to concentrate your team brain and face four horrible diseases that set the world on fire. You can choose one of 7 characters, who have different special abilities that affect the whole strategy dramatically. However, none of them is better or worse. It’s you and your mates, who make vital decisions. The world is at stake, so you have to do your best or die in agony. Unfortunately, you can’t join teams online, but the pass-and-play mode is always available to provide you with some fun in a company of good friends.


Carcassonne gameplay

This game is a real revelation. It’s very simple to play, but hugely immersive at the same time. At the start, you see an actual 3D table and have a bunch of tiles. Each tile has its unique functions, such as a river, settlement, army camp, roads, forests, fields and many more. Don’t forget, that your rivals are on guard! This game’s multiplayer is asynchronous, so you have to make fast and efficient decisions to gain more resources and power before the battle begins. It’s impossible to run out of tiles, and their combinations are endless, so the replay value of this game is very high.

The Bottom Line

Looks like we have a massive compilation here! All of these board games are great time killers and strategy trainers for you, your friend and family members. Those, who still think, that smartphones kill communication and cooperative entertainment just don’t know how to use them the proper way!

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