The company “AquaStroyMontazh” offers to organize well drilling on a site in the city and in the suburbs in a short time. This event consists of several stages, requires a competent approach to solving organizational issues. Therefore, we offer you to trust professionals to be sure of the success of the event.

The main thing that should be considered is where, when and how the work will be carried out on the site, the correct determination of the place and technology largely determines the outcome of the matter.

How to find out where drilling at your site will bring clean water

Before starting the drilling of a well, a group of our consultants leaves for your site to help you determine the right place for the source.

The presence of groundwater is indicated by many factors:

  • the presence of surface water;
  • geo-features of the terrain, region, landscape where the site is located;
  • a certain flora (sorrel, birch, bird cherry, etc.).

By sight, the place of occurrence of water can be determined independently, but only a qualified specialist can provide 100% reliable information. Therefore, we offer the service of exploratory drilling of a well – water can disappear on the site if the place is incorrectly selected.

How to Choose a Place

The presence of a water layer is not the only parameter by which a place is selected for drilling a well in the area – the following factors should be taken into account:

The source must be protected from ingress of impurities from the outside (a well is drilled at a distance of at least 10-15 m from compost pits, septic tanks and other places of similar purpose).

When choosing a place, take into account the range of location of residential buildings. The closer the source to the house, the cheaper it will cost to lay the pipeline, but the distance from the buildings should be 3-4m minimum.

There should be no power lines, fences, utility buildings, old trees with extensive crowns in the area near the well’s drilling site – this can complicate the work of special equipment.

Optimal Season

The company “AquaStroyMontazh” performs work related to drilling wells at sites in any season. Most often, drilling is carried out in summer or autumn. But drilling in winter has its advantages – the landscape suffers less from the work of equipment, the waters are at a minimum depth, so the choice is yours.

We use advanced equipment, because drilling a well on a site is possible at any time, in almost any environment (even indoors). Contact AquaStroyMontazh and you will be provided with clean water.

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