In regions with a harsh climate, greenhouses cannot be dispensed with, and every gardener thinks about making them with his own hands. And in areas with warm weather conditions, such structures may be needed by someone who wants to get a crop not only in the summer but also in the cold seasons. Before you build a greenhouse, you will need to choose the type of structure, shape, and optimal size.

In order to grow a good harvest or keep fanciful plants warm and cozy, constructions are being built with a special microclimate inside, favorable for the growth and development of crops. The device of the greenhouse is not so complicated and, most likely, familiar to most summer residents. But building a greenhouse with your own hands is a more painstaking work that will require specific knowledge and a certain skill.

You need to choose the right place for the greenhouse, take into account all the features of the foundation, know which frame and coating material are most suitable for your greenhouse, how to conduct artificial lighting, etc.

To build a wooden or metal greenhouse with their own hands, they usually try to use inexpensive and easy-to-use materials, but one must not lose sight of the fact that they must be strong and durable so that the greenhouse does not last a year, but at least 10 years.

It is better to start the construction of the greenhouse in the fall so that with the onset of early spring it is already ready for the sowing season. Moreover, the design must be strong and reliable enough to withstand any weather and protect plants planted in it.

On this page, you will learn how to properly build a film greenhouse with your own hands using a wooden or metal frame.

How to Make a Greenhouse with a Wooden Frame Yourself: Step-By-Step Production

To make a greenhouse with a wooden frame with your own hands, first of all, you need to determine the size of the future structure and the place for its installation.

For a small plot, a greenhouse of a standard size of 6 × 3m without a foundation is suitable. At the chosen place, it is necessary to clear the soil and mark the position of the pits for the support posts. To make a wooden greenhouse with your own hands, you will need 6 side posts 2.15 m high along the perimeter of the structure and 3 central posts 3 m high.

For racks, you need to use wooden beams with a cross-section of 10 cm. Supports should be dug into the soil by 40-50 cm, and then concreted.

A wooden greenhouse frame is built on the installed support posts: horizontal beams are fixed on the upper part of the supports with their own hands, the rafters are fixed in increments of 0.5-0.6 m, a door frame of 0.7 x 1.8 m is installed on the north side, which then hangs the door. After this, paraben is made – a wooden box.

To do this, from boards or non-thick logs, you need to make a rectangular frame of the greenhouse with your own hands for two wooden boxes (in the northern and southern parts of the greenhouse).

These frames then need to be dug into the soil by 40-50 cm and biofuel is poured into them, for which it is better to use horse or cow manure. Then this layer is covered with straw, and a thick layer of earth is poured on top. At the same time, the northern paraben of the greenhouse should be 10-15 cm higher than the southern one so that the sun’s rays in these zones are evenly distributed.

How to Make a Film Greenhouse of an Arch Construction with a Metal Frame Yourself

A film greenhouse of an arch construction based on a metal frame is one of the most commonly used options.

The frame of the arched greenhouse is completely made with your own hands, which saves money, which can then be profitably spent on a more expensive and high-quality coating. The frame is made of a set of metal arches made by welding from a corner of 3.2-3.5 cm.

Before making such a film greenhouse, you first need to make a matrix for the manufactured arches – the so-called conductor. This is a wooden shield on which the full outline of the arch is mounted tightly. It needs to be made of a wooden bar or a metal corner of 5-6.3 cm. After that, it remains only to cut the corners of the desired length, lay them in the conductor and weld securely at the joints. It is necessary to give the arch rigidity so that it does not lose shape.

To do this, fix the frame of the film greenhouse with two transverse bars, reinforcement or a metal corner. You need to do this so that later you can easily remove the temporary clips. The finished arch can be installed on the foundation.

To make a foundation for a metal arched greenhouse in the way that the correct technology suggests, from the outside, around the perimeter of the place where the structure will be installed, a girdle is laid. To prevent it from moving, you need to attach it to the foundation with pieces of metal tape that are welded across the corner. This will make the greenhouse more resistant to weather factors (wind, rain, etc.).

The arches of the metal frame of the greenhouse, built by yourself, should be installed strictly vertically, with an interval of 0.7-0.8 m. After their installation, it is necessary to verify the correct position of the structure, and then weld it with a girdle. Then all the arches must be fastened together using jumpers from the same corner. The result should be a solid and reliable design.

While the frame of the metal greenhouse, built by yourself, is not covered with a film or other selected material, it is necessary to arrange inside the garden.

If it is a “pocket” with high ridges, it is necessary to build external walls for it, the height of which will be determined by the height of the raised ridge. The top of the wall should be processed by attaching jumpers from the corner in the form of a border.

To make the arched greenhouse as functional as possible, it is equipped with ventilation windows.

To do this, on the end or side surfaces of the structure in places of their intended location, you must pre-install jumpers from the corner. Now you can fix the film or other coating material chosen at your discretion to the finished frame of the arched greenhouse.

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