The benefits of growing Kalanchoe at home can not be said. Despite rising prices, you get the opportunity to save on medicines, calling on the forces of nature. It should be noted that Kalanchoe is a very powerful plant and almost constantly stretches up. Therefore, a lot of space is required for the flower. The first step is to choose the right, deep container. Entrepreneurs who cultivate Kalanchoe for business, prefer areas with a humid climate because the plant does not like the sun and drought. At home, seedlings of Kalanchoe pinnate can be grown at any time of the year.

The location. This is a photophilous plant. Not afraid of direct sunlight. Although he loves light, he can calmly do without it for quite a long time. It is drought tolerant and extremely hardy. It can calmly grow both under the scorching sun, and where its rays practically do not penetrate. But still, one should not keep it in the dark when caring for a room flower of Kalanchoe, as this can lead to decay of the plant stem and then to its death, because it is still a flower, and this should not be forgotten.

The stamina of Kalanchoe is admirable. After all, even in completely dry soil, this plant is able to painlessly not only exist but also continue to grow. This is explained by the fact that Kalanchoe has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and accumulate it. In summer, it is best to exhibit Kalanchoe on the windowsill of southwestern or southeastern windows.

Temperature. It should not be forgotten that Kalanchoe does not withstand temperatures below 0 ° C. When under such conditions, the cultivation of Kalanchoe falls ill and dies almost immediately. The reason for this lies in the large amount of juice in the leaves. As soon as the juice freezes, the vital activity of Kalanchoe ceases.

Watering. When caring for the Kalanchoe plant at home, watering during the growing period is moderate, in winter it is very rare. High humidity does not require.

Rest period. Like any other plant, Kalanchoe cannot exit normally without a period of rest. In nature, it comes on its own, but in indoor conditions, the plant needs a little help. To do this, watering Kalanchoe should be minimized. It is enough to moisten the soil in a pot only once a month. However, after 3 months, it is necessary to resume watering, bringing it to normal. Species, except K. Blossveld, in winter, during dormancy, it is recommended to keep in a bright room at a temperature of 5-7 ° C. Best of all, of course, if the periods of rest of your plant will completely coincide with the seasons. Thus, you yourself will know exactly when to start feeding Kalanchoe (closer to spring) and when to increase its watering.

Transplant. Every year in spring, the plant must be transplanted. When transplanting young plants into separate pots, you should first prepare a suitable soil mixture. It is better if it consists of turf, leafy land, peat, and sand. Before this mixture is placed in a pot, a drainage layer of broken brick or expanded clay must be laid on its bottom. This is done in order to protect the roots of the plant from root rot, which often affects indoor plants.

Topdressing. Feeding a young plant should be carried out once a month, using complex mineral fertilizers for this purpose. Periodically, it will not hurt to alternate them with organic ones. Topdressing is the summer twice a month with fertilizers for cacti. In winter (during dormancy), top dressing is not done, giving the flowering time to rest.

To take care of the Kalanchoe plant as thoroughly as possible, before planting, the soil must not only be watered but also fertilized. For this, fertilizers containing phosphorus or potassium salt should be used. As a monthly top dressing, you can use nitrogen fertilizers.

Substrate. The substrate is prepared from turf and leaf soil, sand, a small number of horn shavings (2: 1: 0.5: 0.5).

Pests and diseases. The main pests of Kalanchoe are aphids and flat red ticks. In the sun, the leaves of the plant turn red.

Suitable for a desert corner device.

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