Any interested person can make a cozy garden with their own hands. Currently, all information on landscape design is freely available, and on the shelves of specialized stores, there are all the necessary devices.

On this page, you can learn how to make a cozy garden. A video of a cozy garden in various versions of its embodiment, in reality, is also offered.

Look at the cozy garden created by your own hands in the photo, which illustrates various ideas of creativity.

The main idea of ​​the layout. When creating this garden, it was necessary to solve two problems: first, the whole family should be comfortable in the garden, especially grandchildren; the second task – numerous collections of shrubs and perennials should feel good there.

Elements of the garden:

  1. house.
  2. The barn.
  3. a large lawn.
  4. a decorative garden.
  5. a hedge of sheared gray spirea.
  6. collection of mockers.
  7. lawn for sunbathing.
  8. arch from the mockery.
  9. Recreation area with barbecue.
  10. trellis with clematis.

The whole garden is located in front of the house. In front of the house is a large lawn on which they run, tumble and play football. To the right on the lawn is a hill with dwarf shrubs and all kinds of rare little things.

Behind a hedge of sheared spirea, a second smaller lawn is hidden. This place is intended for sunbathing. Along the hedge planted 18 varieties of mock orange, making up its second tier. The best time in the garden for his mistress is the time of their flowering. Each variety has its own flowering time, size and shape of flowers, its own smell. This place in June becomes a white paradise. From the mockers, the arch is also made at the entrance to the site.

In the garden, there is a recreation area around the mangal. Good gatherings by the fire, cooking meat on the grill creates a special mood.

Cozy Corners of the Garden

It is hard to imagine a cozy corner in the garden without suitable plants. Roses, lilies, daylilies, peonies, and tree-like plants grow beautifully on loam.

Creating a garden in which it is comfortable not only for children and adults but also for collection plants is not an easy task. But if there is a desire to arrange a comfortable summer pastime for everyone, then there will certainly be a solution.

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