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About the game

Outside the Box was designed to be unique in many ways. First of all, the box top or cover actually becomes the game board (we don’t think anyone has ever done this before), hence the name Outside the Box. Secondly, it is a team game (there are very few team games out there) where everyone is actively involved throughout the game. This makes it a great party game, but also gives every single player a chance to be a hero by helping his or her team win. Most importantly, Outside the Box is all skill. There are no dice. Teams can only advance by getting the answers right. It’s very fast. It’s very fun and it’s very, very addictive.


Included are 377 category cards with thousands of possible answers (which makes the game different each time you play). The Master List is a three year compilation of well over 15,000 possible responses in which you could get the chance to stump the “Master” by coming up with your own “outside the box” answers. Also included is an audio CD featuring the inventor of the game, Rick Sugarman, explaining the rules. There are also live unscripted role playing examples, as well as helpful hints. In addition, the game comes complete with easy-to-follow, learn-as-you-play instructions and quick reference cards, an electronic digital programmable timer (battery included), team game pawns, scoring chips, letter cards, and PassCards.

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Visit: www.facebook.com/OutsideTheBoxGame to view hilarious videos of people playing the game!