The most valuable medicinal properties are inherent in the juice of this plant. And therefore, for many decades it has been used not only in folk but also in official medicine, which could not fail to recognize the ability of Kalanchoe juice to clean wounds and ulcers of pus and necrotic tissues in the shortest possible time. In essence, this property determined the use of preparations from Kalanchoe in surgical, dental, obstetric-gynecological, otorhinolaryngological and ophthalmic practice.

The terms of wound healing when using the juice of this plant are reduced by 1.5–2 times, and this is scientifically proven.

Knowing about the healing properties of Kalanchoe, many people refuse all other types of treatment, preferring this “home doctor” rich in healing properties. For example, the German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe was convinced that the “children” of Kalanchoe are able to rejuvenate the body, and therefore consumed them daily. In some countries, Kalanchoe was considered a cure for tuberculosis and stomach ulcers, actively adding it to many restaurant dishes, the cost of which was much higher than that of ordinary ones prepared without the addition of this plant.

But the very first to use Kalanchoe juice were residents of the island of Madagascar – the birthplace of the plant. Moreover, they used not only Kalanchoe pinnate and Degremon, but also many of its other species. Until now, in Malagash medicine, which is familiar with 58 species of Kalanchoe, about 10 species are quite widely used. The rest, although used by local residents, are still being tested at research institutes and laboratories.

Once upon a time, Kalanchoe was popularly called a surgeon without a knife. This title is undoubtedly deserved and is confirmed by many facts and real cases. Those who have at least once dealt with Kalanchoe will agree with this, those who are often sick, but have not risked trying the healing power of the juice on themselves, simply do not know anything about it.

Only the main question remains: how to harvest? Quite simply: the leaves of an adult plant – this is the harvest. Healing juice from the leaves can be obtained mechanically (juicer, meat grinder). However, he will not preserve his magical properties for a long time, therefore it is worth using the resulting “elixir” for a day.

Kalanchoe Blosfelda. The beautiful red hats of his flowers are very attractive, and many are happy to put Blanfeld’s Kalanchoe on the windowsills. In addition to beauty, this flower has many useful properties.

The energy of the indoor flower of Kalanchoe Blosfeld is quite high: +15 e. A., it is very useful for the elderly and weakened people. The plant supports the energy of the body at a harmonious level, strengthens health, normalizes the work of all organs, strengthens the immune system – those who have Kalanchoe growing at home are less likely to have colds and flu. The energy of Kalanchoe absorbs negative energy that enters the house. It also raises the mood, distracts from gloomy thoughts and anxieties.

Kalanchoe Mangin protects against lethargy and loss of strength and resists internal negative energies. Despondency is one of the seven deadly sins, its energies burden the atmosphere and clog the channels of joy, nullifying any positive principle. Kalanchoe Mangina does not give the energy of gloom to merge with the atmosphere of the apartment, protects against depression and helps to withstand any troubles in life. Develops industriousness and a calm, confident attitude to their abilities.

Kalanchoe Blossfeld creates beautiful, pleasant energy. Ennobles the atmosphere (useful for grouchy, displeased).

Relieves a severe emotional state. It helps when it’s hard on the soul. (For older people.) Develops healthy frivolity. It helps to find simple solutions to difficulties. Develops creative abilities, a sense of proportion and taste (for fashionistas).

Strengthening effect: throat, blood vessels, the whole body. It dissolves blood clots, successfully treats internal diseases (gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer) with leaf juice.

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