Succulent herbaceous plant, the height of individual species up to 40-50 cm. Under good conditions, the height of the Kalanchoe can reach 120-130 cm. They often have an upright and slightly less sinuous, fleshy stem. Kalanchoe rhizome is short, branched, so a large pot for a plant grown at home is not required.

Short petiole leaves. Contain a large amount of juice.

Of course, the flowers deserve special mention when describing the Kalanchoe plant: depending on the species, they can be yellow, white, pink or bright red, collected in multi-flowered umbrella-shaped inflorescences. Their average length is 3-5 cm.

Kalanchoe begins to bloom in the second year of life, depending on the type of blooms from March to July. But the plant blooms irregularly. After flowering, it forms a fruit consisting of 4 leaflets.

For most of us, this flower is known as indoor culture. Where does Kalanchoe grow in its natural habitat? This plant is naturally distributed in many countries of the world. The largest number of species – about 100 – is found in Africa, slightly less – in Central America, South Asia, Australia, Mexico, Cape Verde, the Caribbean, Hawaiian, and the Canary Islands. Many of its species can be found in the Cape region, along the sea coasts. The plant also feels quite well on rocky slopes, along river banks, in open places.

Many books on medicinal plants contain information that Kalanchoe grows in tropical America. Indeed, it can be found there, but only one species is found on this territory.

Despite the fact that the plant is tropical, it is very unpretentious, well takes root in almost any environment, which explains its widespread distribution as a home doctor throughout Russia and beyond. Moreover, it was noted that in the northern regions, where temperature changes are frequent, Kalanchoe more intensively forms “children” on the leaves of the mother plant, as if trying to protect its species from extinction.

Next, you can find photos and names of species of Kalanchoe, as well as learn about growing a flower.

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